Our Philosophy:

Piano, violin, guitar and cello lessons for success!

What makes you successful when it comes to learning how to play an instrument?

Finding the RIGHT TEACHER!

Everything we do is designed to foster quality student-teacher relationships. Over the last ten years we have recruited the strongest faculty in Houston. Our teachers have impeccable training and high qualifications. 

Our unique student-teacher matching process:

  1. When you call our school you will speak directly with one of our Faculty members or Directors, who will be able to answer your questions.
  2. During the intervew or audition we will discuss your musical goals, and your child will be placed with a teacher whose personality fits your goals and needs.
  3. You will stay with the same teacher from semester to semester.
  4. You will perform at a recital at the end of each semester.
  5. You will perform for a committee of three Faculty members in May of every year and receive feedback about your progress for the given year.
  6. You will receive guidance on how to make the most of your music education, including the parents' role in helping children of different ages, practicing tips and honest assessment of your child's abilities.

Our teachers are very different individuals, each with his or her own style and flair. In our interviews we ask all students about their goals, desires and aspirations, working with them to find the best fit with our faculty. Once the student is placed in your teacher's studio you'll work with the same teacher every semester; they will adapt to your schedule.

Our teaching philosophy sets us apart from other schools. We believe a crucial part of learning to play any instrument is having a good working relationship with an excellent teacher; we support this belief with our student-teacher matching process.

After just one semester a typical beginner is able to count rhythm, and even sometimes to read music and play several pieces. He or she is usually able to give a confident performance of a memorized piece at the end of semester recital. We are not a school for selected prodigies, though we have had quite a few exceptionally talented students; almost any  child with proper instruction is capable of achieving these goals.

Early success builds confidence and develops a lifetime pattern of success. In addition to purely musical elements such as note reading, rhythm and form, students learn other concepts which can be applied to everyday life. Playing the piano or another instrument will teach a child to study and focus, to approach a complicated task by breaking it into smaller and easier pieces, to recognize patterns and to manage time. These links have been supported by formal research and confirmed in interviews with former Secretaries of State and successful CEOs, among others. Work ethics, patience and perseverance are extremely important things for a child to learn.

Three Pillars Of Success


Big dreams require a skilled teacher on your child's side!  Our faculty are accomplished artists who possess performance degrees in their instruments from the world's leading conservatories and universities.

They are experienced and passionate teachers who focus on helping students understand and apply concepts that are essential to their success in music. They set clear, reasonable goals and brief parents on how to help their children achieve them.

See our teacher bios for more information.


Parental involvement at the Academy is essential to a young child's musical success.

Our parents and teachers work as a team to nurture the talent in each child, emphasizing the importance of disciplined practice, and planning opportunities to display the child’s talents to enhance his/her enjoyment and ease of musicianship.


At our school, your child will grow comfortable with performing.  A lot of parents recall painful and scary experiences from their past of “blanking out on stage” and being mortified by playing in front of people. Performing is a skill like everything else and we work with children on mastering that skill. The foundation of this ability is good preparation and practice performing. Often a student will perform for the student who has a lesson before or after. Our kids grow accustomed both to being a good audience for their friends, and to performing without fear.  After just one semester, your child will play in our recital at Rice University and, after a year, at the annual jury. Our teachers make sure that your child is impeccably prepared with a memorized piece that can be performed with confidence and pleasure.

Our more advanced students have many performance opportunities in Houston. Through our partnership with the Society for the Performing Arts our students were featured in their performance prelude at Jones Hall and Wortham Center. They performed at the Miller Outdoor Theater as winners of Houston Young Artists and on KUHF.  Our cultural Exchange programs provide most interesting performance venues in Russia and China, including the American Embassy in Moscow. Over the past 10 years our students have excelled in major Texas and national competitions, performing with Clear Lake and Fort Worth Symphony. They have played in many outreach concerts all over our city. Please see our news for a taste of some recent accomplishments.